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In response to Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s invitation, on joining the Federation of HK Business Association Worldwide, Hong Kong Business Association (Cambodia) (“HKBAC”) was created in 2016. This is a significant development that will help to strengthen the already close relations between Hong Kong and Cambodia and open up more opportunities for companies from both sides. Federation of HK Business Association Worldwide, formed in year 2000, is a global network of business associations established outside Hong Kong. Currently the Federation has 40 business associations in 29 countries with 12,000 members.

HKBAC, with an emphasis of our HK identity, is established with a goal to connect expatriate business people in Cambodia, and to extend our friendship and to exchange information and ideas with members of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Association Worldwide. With update and well-informed global market intelligence and professional network supports from the Federation, HKBAC is determined to play our role in enhancing business and investment opportunities in and through Hong Kong. As Chairman of CHKMEBA since year 1998, with supports from our members, we have the honor to focus our efforts on servicing the Cambodian and Chinese community. With the experience and involvement that we have in Cambodia, we strongly believe that HKBAC, together with CHKMEBA, will be designated stations to help improving the connections between Hong Kong, China and Cambodia.

- Mr. Yum Sui Sang
Honorary Forever President, Hong Kong Business Association of Cambodia